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2care4 Distribution Service

When you choose 2care4 Distribution Service you can use our local distribution agreements. Using our agreements you will get lower distribution rates as we just pass the invoice on without any further costs. Depending on your company’s needs, 2care4 can also handle your returned goods and possible recalls. As a partner you can always view your stock reports, sales reports etc. for the internal reporting in your company.

Great warehouse capacity

2care4 has over 2000m2 of warehouse capacity available which complies with the newest GDP rules, and the warehouse is temperature controlled all year around. We manage our warehouse by using IT systems and bar code scanners. We have experience in receiving, storing and ship large quantities of medicine and handle small pick orders containing only a few pieces.


If you have the need to repack your pharmaceuticals, we have the extensive experience as a parallel importer. You can continuously get large quantities of blisters repacked for your most busy sales markets. You can also get already released pharmaceuticals repacked ,when there is an update on the leaflet or additional side effects, etc.

You can also use our blister printing equipment along with our labeling machines. If you need it, we can do the release to the market for you, including the appropriate evidence as 2care4 has GMP permission for this.


At 2care4 we have both GMP and GDP permission for all types of medicine, as well as we have the permission to import and export to 3. countries. This ensures that we comply with all EU regulations, which we are regularly audited by – usually once a year. If you have questions regarding safety and quality, you are welcome to contact our quality personnel.