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About us

2care4 was founded in 2005. Since then, we have gained a solid experience within parallel import of pharmaceutical products, both veterinary and human medicine. The key to our success lies in our values that we closely follow in daily life. These values have helped the small startup company to become one of the preferred suppliers of medicine on the Scandinavian markets.

We believe that our employees perform best, when they work in an organization with a flat structure and taking responsibility for their own work. In this way we can act and adapt very quickly to market changes. 2care4 has a relaxed atmosphere and our philosophy is that all employees should be heard, because in that way we can gain the biggest knowledge sharing and find the best solutions.

International presence

2care4 started in Esbjerg, Denmark but our mindset has always been European. We do not see borders, cultures and language as barriers – but more as challenges. We feel at home no matter if we are in remote areas of Central Europe, at a sidewalk in Paris, or a highway rest stop in Germany.

For us it is not important where we are, as long as we have our credit card and our laptop. And as long as we are meeting people with the same objective as us: to make a good deal and have fun at the same time. We travel a lot, and it provides distinctive, exciting and fun experiences. We see many places in Europe that few succeed to see in a lifetime.

As a workplace Esbjerg does not need to be the place we meet every day. With open borders and internet our colleagues can easily be abroad or at their home working. In those situations video conference is an important tool. Our colleague at 2care4 does not need to be native Danish. We do not care where people come from as long as the values, and to make a good deal and have fun at the same time, are in focus. On the other hand we often prioritize to meet face to face, both when it comes to business partners and colleagues. We think it is easier to understand each other in a distance, when we have developed a direct and personal relationship.