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2care4 want to be the most attractive workplace for both present employees and future colleagues. It is important that our employees develop themselves both personally and professionally. We want to have a very open working environment and a high level of information, where everybody contributes with inputs and new knowledge.

We have high demands to you as an employee and we expect likewise from your side to us as a company. At 2care4, culture and values goes hand in hand together with loyalty and mutual respect. We have to make sure that everybody are being heard in order to choose the best solutions and create an even better workplace.

What do the employees think?

We at 2care4 do everything we can for the wellbeing of our employees. We demand a great deal of loyalty, power to act and the willingness to achieve the common goals from our employees. Therefore we have asked them what they think about being employed by 2care4:

"At 2care4 you need to be ready to go the extra mile for the company. Here everybody listens to each other; we do have ranks – but use them very little. When we think out of the box, it does also benefit the company. We combine the gift to be innovative together with our humble and hardworking mentality." Louise – Regulatory Affairs

"We all know each other and everybody knows every single individual in the company. 2care4 cares about our ambitions and makes it possible to advance. They don’t just see the opportunity in you; they are willing to take the chance. Everything goes fast and the company is constantly evolving and we think a lot about how we can work smarter." Jacob – Supply Chain Coordinator

"At 2care4 there is room for personal development and ambitions, You as an employee is in the center. Many starts in one position and then figure out that they can and will do something different within the organization. I often change people’s business cards, and that indicates that we work in a company that is good at developing people. We pull together, and help each other." Mette – Service Assistant