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Corporate Social Responsibility

At 2care4 we do not have a CSR department, and we do not use the expression Corporate Social Responsibility very often. For 2care4, good and decent behavior does not need a fine title. We believe that it basically all is about treating our surroundings, as we want to be treated ourselves.

We make sure to save on the energy and in our case, light, cooling and fuel is the main “culprits”. We turn off the light when we don’t need it and we have isolated our cool chain storage and buildings, so we don’t use unnecessary energy. It is just common sense for both the economy and the impact on the environment.

All our company cars run on diesel and have the newest technology installed in terms of removing particles from the exhaust. The cars that transport our medicine are all modern cars with the same technology and the drivers are reworded for saving as much diesel as possible. This also benefits both the economy and the environment.

We think that CSR is just common sense and decency, for that we do not need a policy. Throughout the obvious things we do the following:


We use cardboard and paper in our repackaging. All products come from sustainable forestry and are produced without using chlorine or other environmental contaminants for bleaching. All cardboard leftovers are reused to produce new cardboard boxes. In that way, very little product is wasted – in the profit of both the economy and the environment.