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Improvements of the boxes

Do you have suggestions or wishes to how we can make our boxes and labels more practical to handle for your employees and customers? No matter if you use pharmacy inventory robots or the traditional inventory management to store and distribute the medicine; we have made several improvements of the packaging material.

To meet the needs that our customers already have expressed, we have developed new boxes. They have a number of advantages compared to the existing boxes:

  • Thicker cardboard that is better suited for the use in pharmacy robots, furthermore they do not get as easily damaged in the general handling.
  • Boxes that is sized to fit the content better and by that, a reduction of the air inside the box, which will save space at your pharmacy.
  • Space for the pharmacy’s own label on a number of the products - and more will come during updates.
  • Red warning triangles regarding the driving ability, and the ability to use machinery – both on the front and backside of the boxes.
  • Clearer indication of the medical strength of the product.
  • Clearer barcodes on the product, and in the near future we will add 2D / datamatrix codes.

If you have ideas for changes or add-ons that can help us ease your procedures and routines, you are welcome to contact:

Camilla Pedersen
Pharmacy & Hospital Manager
Tel.: +45 7515 2900