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Are you striving for developing yourself and to have an increasing responsibility as your ability and experience increases? Do you have great ambitions on behalf of your workplace and yourself? Do you want an existing everyday life in a working environment where “the sky is the limit”? Then 2care4 is the place for you. We are always on the look for the best qualified colleagues in the world – and we will find the right position for you.

Therefore it might happen that you apply for one position but end up in a different one. This will only happen if we think that you are better suited for a different position within the organization. We want you to be happy when you meet for work – and the best way to obtain that is if you work in the position that suits you the best.

I have already had my 5 year anniversary – and I am only 20 years of age. This is the third department that I have been working in. When I started my part time study, 2care4 offered me a job that suited me better for the abilities that I have now. Jacob – Supply Chain Coordinator

You don’t have to go through a long application and hiring process. As soon as you send us your resume and your application you will automatically be a part of our resume-database, with the information that you give. We treat every application with confidentiality.

Do you have questions about a position at 2care4? You are welcome to contact our HR department by phone: +45 7515 2900 1571 or send us an E-mail at

You can see our available positions on our company page.