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Quality and Safety

There is no difference in quality, effect and safety between parallel imported medicines and the original products. Parallel imported medicine is original medicine which is distributed in other EU countries and is therefore not marked with Danish text. Therefore we repack the products with Danish text in the repacking process. When you receive a product from 2care4 the packaging can look different but the effect and quality is the same as the original.

By our membership of The Danish Parallel Importers Union of Medicine and the European Association of Euro-Pharmaceutical Companies (EAEPC) we are collaborating on many levels to secure a continued availability of the original parallel imported pharmaceuticals for the benefit to the consumers and the society.

Our Suppliers

2care4 is only buying medicine from European suppliers that we have approved and that we trust. We have to be in complete control in all processes of the distribution, all the way from the supplier to the consumer. We only approve the suppliers that manage to go through a long approval process, where quality and safety of the consumer is in focus. Before the final approval all the suppliers must be able to live up to the required permits, assessed through the analysis of their answers of critical questions about compliance with the applicable quality guidelines.

The companies handling our logistics are no exception – they have to be approved through a similar process. In that way we ensure the quality through the whole supply chain, so only medicine of the right quality end up in the production.

Our handling

When the medicine arrives at 2care4 our trained employees examines the medicine to make sure that the products are in accordance with our specifications and other relevant documents.

We have a high level of documentation to make sure that the process goes as planned. Our specialized Quality Personnel works as an independent unit. They will take samples and do the quality control on all processes in the repackaging. After the repackaging ends, the person in charge will go through the quality documents and if everything has been completed and documented satisfactorily, the medicine will be released for sale.