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Are you about to finish your AP, Bachelor or Master Degree and need a topic for your exam project – then it is 2care4 you should contact. We do always have projects that need to be analyzed. This means that you as a student can use your time on a task which probably will be used afterwards. For your assignment we can provide you with data of different kinds and discussions with our CEO, CFO or another relevant person who is a natural part of the agreement.

If you need an internship in relation with your studies, or want to take a semester off to work in a real job – then feel free to contact us. We are constantly looking for students who want to have a practical experience connected with their education. Are you in the final process of your education within Computer Science, Marketing Management, Financial Management or…? Do you want to know more about what we can offer, then read the section below.

We are an international company who works with parallel import of pharmaceuticals. Our main office is established in Esbjerg Denmark, with departments in Scandinavia and Northern Europe. You will get more than 150 colleagues spread out on several locations and a dynamic and flat organizational structure. You have to be willing to work in teams because then you will experience our strong unity.  You can read more about our strong values here.

As a student you will have the opportunity to come up with new inputs or contribute to our new projects. You will have the opportunity to influence how your internship is going to be. We have the framework, but it is your job to fill it out.

Interested? Then our HR department is interested as well! Call +45 7515 2900 or mail