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To the pharmacist

Every year we help the public to save millions on their medicine. We do that by parallel importing medicine, and then repack it so it meets the strict EU-requirements. 2care4 is approved by the authorities in a range of European countries, as a repacker of medicine and we of course meet all quality requirements in this area.

Generic medicine

2care4 Generic is approved by the European authorities to deveop and deliver generic medicine. Generic medicine is a type of medicine where the active ingredient is identical to the original product. You can read more about our generic medicine here.

With 2care4 as your supplier of medicine, you are guaranteed medicine that meets all the strict demands of the business and you can safely deliver it to your customers. Do you have any questions in relation to the quality you are welcome to take contact to our quality personnel


From time to time we experience that our products are in backorder. It means that you as a pharmacist can risk waiting a little longer on your next delivery. The reason is that we as a parallel importer buy the medicine, which is in surplus in other European markets. Therefore it varies a lot how much medicine there is for sale at a given time. At the same time the consumption of medicine also varies and it is hard to predict how much medicine each pharmacy chooses to have in stock. 

We do our best to meet all orders and secure a stable delivery of imported products to our customers.