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The culture of 2care4 reflects our inner “DNA” and is rooted in the topsoil of western Jutland, namely “to be good and talented merchants”. Good business acumen is also about creating winners, and thus god personal relations. That includes 2care4 as well. You will experience mutual respect, willingness to act and high quality from our side because our objective is to be innovative thinking in a way that benefits you as a supplier or a customer the most.


Every day we try to do things in better and smarter ways. We are open to all our employees’ ideas and suggestions. In that way we can make the daily life easier both internally and for you as a business partner. We are going our own ways to make sure we are adapting to customers and business environment if possible. That is necessary in our business. For us innovation embraces our products, working methods and employees – everything has to developed. Innovation is the pulse of 2care4 – we will not be stock in the term: “we use to”.

Mutual Respect:

At 2care4 there is a basic positive mood. Because we work in an innovative environment we constant have a clear sight of our employees many skills. For that we have great respect.. As a business partner you should also feel the mutual respect that rules our dialog with you, and our wish is to deliver quality in every single process.

Willing to act:

“Who dares wins”. We must dare making decisions, when our surroundings are changing, and it changes all the time. We are very confident that our employees take decisions with care – especially in relation to our customers and business partners. The power to act shines through in our daily life alongside a combination of innovation, mutual respect and quality.


Quality is the core of our activities. Without that we cannot act and develop as we like. In quality there is also a thought about transparency. This means that you as a partner get insight of how far we are in the process and what you can expect of us. We do that by being innovative, respect each other and act – because we cherish high quality, for ourselves, our customers and our suppliers etc.