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Why does the medicine look different?

When the medicine is going to be parallel imported, the parallel importer starts by applying for permission at the local authority. The Authorities investigate the application and if the medicine is pharma logical identical they will issue a permit. At the same time the importer gets their packages and repacking guideline etc. approved by the authorities.

Now the import and the repackaging start under supervision, of the authorities following the EU laws that applies to all pharmaceutical companies. At 2care4 we will prefer to repack the medicine into new boxes with the local language, because in our opinion this is best for you as a consumer. Unfortunately the original manufacturer will not always allow this. They have to approve the repackaging to make sure that their brand doesn’t get violated.

In those cases where we are allowed to repack the medicine into new boxes we will do it. We would like to make our boxes looking more exciting, but according to the standing regulations there is not much we can do. For example we are not allowed to use a lot of colors, or add our own logo to the box etc. This is the reason why some of the medicine is sold in relatively boring packages.

In those cases where the manufacture doesn’t allow new boxes, we will put labels with Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, German etc.  information onto the packages – up to 3 or 4 labels on the same box. In those cases you will get a box which is a combination between the original colors, logos and 2care4’s labels. To make the readability as good as possible for you, we use a lot of time placing the labels as correctly and as nice as possible.