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About us

About us

2care4's History

2care4 was founded in 2005. Since then we have built solid experience in parallel import of pharmaceutical products within human medicine in the EU/EEA countries.

The key to our success lies in our values, which we strive to live up to every single day. These values have helped us evolve from a small, local entrepreneurial company into one of the largest suppliers of pharmaceuticals to the Scandinavian markets. We believe our staff carry out their work in the best way when the right framework and the right opportunities for them to develop are in place. This makes us energetic and extremely adaptable to changes in the markets.

2care4 embraces creativity and we always encourage our employees to contribute with ideas. Our philosophy is that this is the way to achieve the greatest possible know-how.

International Presence

2care4 began in Esbjerg, but our mindset has always been European. We do not see borders, cultures, or languages as barriers; rather, we believe they are welcome nuances. 

It is important for us to meet people with the same goals and business savvy as us, while also having fun in the process. Our headquarter is in Esbjerg where employees' nationalities span across four continents. We use various online communication tools to hold regular meetings across sites, to strengthen the 2care4 Group. At 2care4 you don't need to speak Danish as long as the values, good business acumen, and professional skills are just as important to you, as us.

We prioritize meeting regularly and in person with partners as well as colleagues. It is so much easier to understand one another from a distance when a relationship has been established through a physical meeting.


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Louise Sabrina Nielsen

I have worked as a Regulatory assistant in support for three years...

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