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2care4’s culture reflects our true DNA and is deeply rooted in western Jutland, where being a skilled tradesperson is essential. Business acumen is also about making sure there are two winners and therefore also good, personal relations, and this applies very much to 2care4. This is why you will find that we value mutual respect, drive and high quality; we aim to generate new ideas that can benefit you as a supplier or customer.


Savings to society through dedication



Every day we make an effort to do things in a better and more intelligent way. We are open to suggestions from all of our employees, which will make everyday life easier internally as well as for you as a partner. We aim to make a difference in the society of which we are a part and we achieve this by doing things our own way to ensure we are as adaptable as possible. This is paramount in our line of business. To us, innovation is about our products, our working methods, and our staff. All these things must develop constantly, and innovation is at the heart of 2care4. We do not want to get stuck in how we 'usually' do things.

Mutual respect:

The atmosphere at 2care4 is fundamentally positive. We work innovatively and we attach great importance to new ideas in our everyday work, which is why we constantly benefit from our staff’s many competencies. As our partner, you will also prosper from the mutual respect that drive our dialogue with you. At 2care4 you will experience an open dialogue and transparency in our business conduct.

Power to act:

"Nothing ventured, nothing gained". We must dare to make decisions in a dynamic context of ever changing demands and regulations. We trust that our employees make decisions on the basis of thorough consideration – especially when it comes to our customers and partners. Our drive shines through in our daily work with innovation and in our mutual respect for one another and our surroundings.


Quality is at the core of what we do. Quality is also about a desire to achieve transparency, which means that you as a partner obtain an insight into how far we have come in a process and what you can expect from us. We want to help ensure that you get the best possible experience and care. We do this by coming up with new ideas, showing respect to one another and being proactive. We believe quality is vital – when it comes to ourselves, our customers, our suppliers, and all other stakeholders. Finally, there is consumer safety, which is something we prioritize above all else.