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About Generics

In 2013, 2care4 Aps launched our first generic medicine, Etodolac. And in 2015 we established 2care4 Generics Aps as an independent and dedicated firm for the manufacturing and marketing of generic pharmaceuticals.

Since then, we have added a wide range of products and expanded our involvement to cover all the Nordic countries. A very ambitious growth strategy has been devised and we are convinced development will accelerate in the years ahead.

If you have a generic product you would like to develop in corporation with a skilled partner, or if you are looking for a commercially strong partner with market insight and a distribution set-up to market your pharmaceutical product, then 2care4 Generics Aps could well be the right choice for you. You can develop generic pharmaceuticals in partnership with us as co-development or you can let us handle sales by in-licensing or distributing the product (with the help of a local representative). If you let 2care4 help you, we can swiftly evaluate the market potential of a given product on the Nordic market, and we have knowledge of the regulatory requirements, making it possible to launch your product quickly and efficiently.

Are you looking for a partner in development of generic pharmaceuticals?

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What is generic medicine?

When a manufacturer of pharmaceuticals develops a new type of drug, the manufacturer often applies for a patent, meaning the manufacturer can secure the exclusive right to sell the product for many years ahead. When the patent expires, it becomes possible for other companies to develop and market a copy – a generic pharmaceutical.

Generic pharmaceuticals contain the same active ingredients as original pharmaceuticals and must meet the same legal requirements. For these reasons, generic pharmaceuticals have the same quality, live up to the same safety requirements and are equally efficacious as original pharmaceuticals. However, companies that manufacture generic pharmaceuticals do not have the same expenses when it comes to research and development as do manufacturers of original products. That is also why original products are protected by patents in the first years of selling.

Thereafter, a generic pharmaceutical can often be sold to consumers at a price 20-80 % lower than that of the original pharmaceutical and these savings benefit both society and the consumer.

Saving money by using generic pharmaceuticals has two advantages: 1) it ensures that new pharmaceuticals are introduced to the market, and 2) the public health budgets will have room for introducing new types of pharmaceuticals and treatments.

At the same time increased competition creates an important incentive for developing new pharmaceuticals that can be sold at attractive prices. When more pharmaceuticals are manufactured by both original and generic manufacturers, society benefits from better security of supply and consumers enjoy the benefits as well.


If you need a distributor of your generic medicines in the Nordic region, 2care4 Generics is a dedicated, local partner.

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