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Side effects

Side effects

Are you experiencing side-effects?

A side effect is defined as an unwanted and harmful reaction which occurs in connection with or as a result of a medicinal product.

Should you experience a side effect, please report via mail to 2care4: GE-Pharmacovigilance@2care4generics.dk

Please provide following information:

  • Initials
  • Age or birthdate
  • Gender
  • A description of the side effect
  • The suspected medicinal product (product name, batch number and item number)
  • Other medicinal products or supplements; if yes, which?
Purpose of the information on side effects

When 2care4 receive information about side effects, your personal information is processed for the purpose of registering the case and reporting the case anonymously to the medicinal agencies.

2care4 and the medicinal agencies use, among other things, your data for continuous safety monitoring. By reporting side effects, you are contributing keeping medicines safe.