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Recruitment process

Recruitment process

When you are applying for a job at 2care4, we treat your application respectfully and of course confidentially. It is important to us that you as an applicant feel well treated, and you can expect transparency thoughout the recruitment process.

You can read more about the recruitment process below:

When you apply for a position at 2care4, you should write a personal application. In addition, you should state your educational background and work experience, as well as attach your CV and any other relevant documents such as exam papers, statements, etc.

When we receive your application, you will receive a confirmation that we have received it. The person responsible for recruitment reviews the application within ten working days after the vacancy notice expires. Based on the applications, we select who is to be summoned for an interview.

Invitations to interviews are made via e-mail or telephone. For the interview, there will be a focus on your professional and personal competencies, the challenges of the job and 2care4 as a workplace. Depending on which position you apply for, there will be one or more interview sessions. For some positions, personality tests in the form of a Disc profile are used. The purpose of the test is to shed light on your personal competencies, so that we have a starting point for your personal resources, strengths and characteristics we should be aware of.

Applicants who have been interviewed will receive an answer either via email or by telephone. When the position is filled, we send a written rejection to the other applicants.


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